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In the evolving world of communication, video conferencing is a new standard for both communicating between employees and clients. Omni3 provide a range of video services and tailor them to the needs of your business.

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In today’s modern businesses, workers are spread out all over the globe. When it comes to communication, it’s vital that you’re not only able to see and present to one another but also share and discuss ideas clearly for truly effective collaboration. At Omni3, we believe that your physical and digital workspaces need to be in tune and fully aligned to work well. We have the technological tools to help you do just that – our reliable and skilled teams are on hand to help you plan, manage, and optimise your collaborative spaces.

Smart Rooms for Businesses

Smart Rooms enable businesses to provide a great user experience that you can depend on. Once considered a technology reserved for larger companies, video conferencing can now be adopted by businesses of all different sizes for increased productivity and better engagement. Our video solutions make the process of collaborating with remote workers and international offices easier than ever. With remote collaboration becoming an increasingly common feature of businesses in a host of different sectors, now’s the time to recognise the benefits that video conferencing tools can provide and adopt them into your work practices.

Benefits of Our Video Services

Remove geographical boundaries to work with employees and teams from anywhere in the world

  • Prevent skill gaps in your organisation by increasing the talent pool available to you
  • Minimise or eliminate travel while still enabling effective communication
  • Monitor and improve productivity among staff, both in-house and remote workers
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your business

With video conferencing tools and our business broadband solutions, you will not only be able to access colleagues from any location, but you’ll also be able to improve relationships with clients, customers and staff alike. Video technology makes it easier to find and develop talent while also saving money on travel for greater connectivity.

Digital Collaboration Tools​

​With our video services, you can transform your meetings with an integrated solution that combines HD video cameras with crisp, clear audio to enable a rich audio, video and data combination. Coupled with the latest in our digital collaboration tools, the whiteboard, you can bring your meetings into the modern era. The ‘Share Whiteboard’ button on your Omni3 device allows you to view any dry-erase board in real time as a video feed, which makes sharing ideas and concepts easier than ever before.

With our efficient video conferencing tools, you have the freedom to work from anywhere and grow your brand successfully. To find out more about how our video services can help your business, get in touch with our team today.

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