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With all the advances in CCTV and security, having IP CCTV systems is the natural progression for any business with security systems. Omni3 provides you with high-quality performing IP CCTV systems for your business.

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Modern IP CCTV systems are incredibly flexible yet affordable, allowing your business to meet the demands of the digital age by transforming video and audio into data. There have been significant advancements in this technology and IP CCTV systems are no longer the more expensive alternative to traditional systems – they are now an option for organisations of all sizes and for all budgets or requirements.

With our IP recording equipment, you can also make use of existing camera set-ups. So, whether you want to start from scratch with a new IP CCTV system or you want to expand on what you currently have, we can meet your requirements. This CCTV system provides excellent resolution – over five times that of analogue equipment – and you never have to worry about the image quality deteriorating, regardless of how often the footage is watched.

Benefits of IP CCTV

 Direct internet links allow you to monitor footage remotely

  • Centralised systems provide savings on both staff and equipment
  • Enhanced security and data storage
  • Receive automated notifications in real-time to improve response and the opportunity for information analysis

One of the major benefits of using IP CCTV services is that it utilises wireless technology to transmit video and audio data. This means that the footage can be viewed on laptops or smartphones remotely, providing greater convenience to businesses. Wherever you are, you can check on your property and act on anything unusual.

Flexible, Cost Effective IP CCTV Services

As with any system that forms part of your business, it’s vital that it is maintained and supported properly. Our expert team take pride in delivering assistance, and we can even take over existing systems to perform health checks and identify areas where efficiency can be maximised. The implementation of IP CCTV systems relies on IT and security technologies, so it’s important that a specialist carries out the task. As this is an area of our expertise, you can have confidence that the system will be installed to a high standard and reliable straight away.

Our IP CCTV capabilities extend to a variety of solutions, from security and surveillance to video communication, as well as remote monitoring and management. We can devise video surveillance solutions that will not only meet the requirements of your organisation but can also comply with all-important GDPR requirements.

Whatever your CCTV requirements are, whether it’s simply a security need, to increase the efficiency of internal processes or to gather data and business intelligence, we can help.

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