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Omni3 provides high-quality intruder alarm systems for residential homes, SME’s to large corporations across the UK. Regardless of the size of your business or organisation, we are here to help you implement the best intruder security system for your home or business.

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Protecting Your Home and Securing Your Business

Wireless security systems protect your home with award-winning two-way technology and a range of peripherals to suit any situation while removing the hassle and disruption of running wires and cabling.

Battery monitoring/saving

Each wireless device is monitored and informs you of when to replace the battery before its life expires. Furthermore, each device conserves battery power by “sleeping” during periods when detection is not needed.


Monitor your home all year round with ProControl+. Integrate your intruder and camera systems like never before for quick and seamless operation.

User friendly programming

Whether you need to change codes, add tags, add keyfobs, check the logs, change time/date or walk test your system, each function can be easily located and programmed from the user-friendly menu.

Intelligent arming

The control panel recognises ‘home’ and ‘away’ modes and will set the system accordingly. For example, if you were to set the alarm while in the house (home) and then walk out of the exit door, the system will register the action and automatically set the system to ‘away’.

With no cabling or wires to run or hide, the security system can be installed with ease in new builds or existing houses with minimal disruption. It’s even ideal for listed buildings, with our innovative wireless technology offering a smart and modern security solution with minimal fuss.

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No Mess, No Fuss
Just Excellent Performance

The award-winning two-way wireless control panel offers a wide range of security and safety peripherals to keep your home and family safe, such as motion detectors, shock sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. With its ability to sync with up to 64 wireless and a further 34 wired devices, you can easily add a multitude of devices, while its innovative wireless technology means the entire system can be fitted without having to redecorate after laying cables and wires.

Wireless Peripherals Available for Your Home

Securing Your Home

Visual & Audible Deterrent

The Deltabell X with optional Lightbox provides a superior visual and audible deterrent day or night. The Lightbox provides supreme lighting to the front of the sounder. Not only that but when an alarm is triggered it will strobe while its twin piezo sounders produce a high decibel warning.

Beat the burglar with tamper protection

This ensures that maximum security is maintained against accidental or malicious tampering of the system. Any sabotage attempts from the front or back, or power supply cut off will result in an activation independently from the control panel.

Status LEDs

The status LEDs flash alternately to indicate the live operation of the bell box. These can also be disabled should you require.

Protected whatever the weather

The electronic components on the printed circuit board are protected by a fully sealed unit with a rubber gasket. This provides added protection in harsh environments and gives you peace of mind that the Deltabell Plus will always sound in the event of an alarm activation.

Superior Security For Your Businesses

Your livelihood

Keeping your business safe and secure is as important to us as it is to you. The EURO 46 V10 was developed with this in mind – a highly secure commercial system, with the usability and peace of mind that comes from controlling your system from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.

A wide range of peripherals

The extensive range of wired and wireless peripherals compatible with the EURO 46 V10 offer a solution for any application.


The EURO 46 V10 system allows you to receive push notice cations that are fully customisable. This means you can tailor your system to suit you and be alerted, for example, when it has been set, unset or in alarm. You are also able to determine which users receive specific notice cations.

Up to 75 user codes

Each EURO 46 V10 panel can have up to 75 unique user codes to arm and disarm the system via their phone, tag or fob. You can even monitor and identify which user has taken which action, in case of theft or unauthorised entry, by checking the history of each. The user codes can also be used for access control.

Independent areas

These provide easier control of your business, with the ability to set and unset specific areas. Working early or late? Simply set the empty areas while leaving or un-setting your specific work area. This gives you the peace of mind that
your business is protected as required.

Quick & easy expansion

As the EURO 46 V10 is a hybrid panel, you can add both wired and wireless peripherals to your system easily and efficiently. This means you have the flexibility you need for your business.

Video integration

The ProControl+ app gives you enhanced video integration to your intruder security solution, with camera capability as

App enabled security

EURO 46 V10 Hybrid Control Panel

The Euro 46 V10, controlled through ProControl+ gives ultimate usability from anywhere. Furthermore, by adding a wireless expander to the control panel, you can add any of the two-way wireless peripherals to your system. This is ideal for replacing an existing control panel, or if you are wanting a more traditional wired security system.

  • Grade 2/3 security system
  • Up to 64 wireless peripherals
  • Up to 76 total peripherals
  • Up to 2 wireless bells
  • Wireless safety sensors
  • ProControl+ App on iOS and Android

Securing Your Workplace

We can deliver the ultimate interactive system to fit any office space. Whether securing multi-tenancy buildings and car parks or controlling staff access; we’ll tailor the ideal solutions.

Security and video with ProControl+

Control your entire system remotely via ProControl+; access security and video in one app to arm and disarm, or check
what’s happening. You can even check the system history to monitor staff activity.

Full video verification

Linking security devices such as internal or external detectors with cameras delivers video verification of system activity via ProControl+; alerting and showing you what’s happening, so that appropriate action can be taken.

Compatible with professional – 24/7 monitoring

Alongside the ability to monitor remotely via ProControl+, the system can be connected to your local alarm receiving centre (ARC) for professional 24/7 monitoring and response.

Full and separate area control

Arm and disarm the entire office or specific areas; supply sta with convenient, easy-to-use tags and/or ProControl+ access as required. This is ideal where restricting employee access to certain offices is necessary, as well as for multi-tenancy office spaces where separate access is required.

Enforcer V10

A multi-award-winning control panel that delivers a quick, noninvasive fully wireless installation, full remote ProControl+ functions and the ability to wire in devices if required.

Euro 46 V10

A hybrid control panel that delivers a wired installation, with wireless expansion capabilities to deliver a tailored system with full remote ProControl+ functions.

Magnetic contact

Device with two parts that notices the system when separated – ideal for use on windows, doors and hatches.

Confirmation detector

Comprised of both a PIR and a dual-technology detector in a single housing, independently they work together to confirm an intrusion – excellent for small rooms where confirmation is required but too small for two individual detectors.

Volumetric coverage PIR

Monitors a 12m radius volumetric area for body heat – perfect for indoor rooms and spaces.

Shock sensor

Detects vibrations on the surface it is affixed to – suited to windows and other vulnerable entry points.


Integrating video and intruder systems in one app to provide complete control over security systems.

Proximity tags

Easy to add, edit and delete, these can be simultaneously used for arming, disarming and door access.

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