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Omni3 understands that data plays a vital role in any business and we know that keeping that data safe and secure is paramount. We provide reliable and safe cloud storage for all SMEs and corporations.

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Easing Your Company’s Transition
to Cloud

Data is at the heart of every business and having complete control and visibility over your information is critical. With Omni3’s Cloud and Service Management platform, you’ll have access to end-to-end data centre solutions that are designed for established and emerging markets. Our cloud platform delivers unrivalled visibility and control – our portfolio of top global and cloud vendors, cloud solutions and technical services deliver the very best in cloud solutions.

Cloud solutions refers to a range of services designed to provide easy and cost-effective access to applications and resources, without having to worry about internal hardware. Whether it’s collaborating on documents or controlling access to files, the use of cloud services can transform how you operate your business. Cloud services offer great potential for businesses of all different sizes and specialisms, reducing the time your IT staff need to spend building and managing infrastructures.

Benefits of Our Cloud Services

• The ability to scale the services to your specific needs
• The necessary infrastructure and software are supplied, so there’s no need to invest in extra staff or resources to manage the service
• Reduced costs where storage and software are concerned
• Increased flexibility, meaning you can adapt the service to what your business is in need of.

As part of our cloud services, we can also help you transition seamlessly from a CapEx to an OpEx financing model, so you can build and grow your cloud business. The switch to the cloud has created a more level playing field for businesses and the OpEx model has a number of advantages that make it the optimal choice for small businesses or those with tighter budgets who still want to grow and expand.

Data Centre Solutions

Omni3 offers a portfolio of traditional and cloud data centre solutions, including server, network and storage consolidation. We offer a host of communications solutions to help you manage information on a global scale, from desktop virtualisation to fast and secure virtual communications.

As cloud services become more available and continue to expand, so too will their applications in the business world. Whether you choose to build on existing software or transition completely to a cloud-based system, our services can help simplify how your organisation delivers data to your workforce via their broadband connection.

The Omni3 data centre team provides a wealth of expertise and state-of-the-art tools to complement your current systems and capabilities. We’ll help you successfully navigate and embrace global opportunities. Whether you decide to opt for a public cloud environment, private cloud or a mixture of the two, we can help you leverage cloud services for the best.

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