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With CallSwitch for Teams your business can leverage our powerful CallSwitch infrastructure and features to provide
an enhanced voice solution for your Microsoft Teams users.

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Endpoint Flexibility as Standard

Whether you are currently using CallSwitch Communicator and have a longer-term UcaaS strategy for Microsoft Teams, or already use Teams and need a robust solution for voice, CallSwitch for Teams delivers a host of benefits to your chosen unified communications endpoints.

Industry Leading Benefits

CallSwitch for Teams is the answer to voice-enabling your Teams users in a world where the alternatives are third-party Direct Routing or Microsoft’s own Calling Plans – solutions that offer basic functionality, minimal carrier resilience, and
limited geographical availability.

Key Features

Maximising Productivity

By voice-enabling Microsoft Teams with CallSwitch for Teams, employees continue using the soft client and interfaces they are familiar with and as the solution is fully embedded, there’s no requirement to click out to other diallers or consoles when making a call.

Advanced PBX Features

In contrast, CallSwitch for Teams delivers all the benefits of our CallSwitch platform – including intelligent call routing, native call recording (with options for compliance), enhanced resilience, international numbering, generous inclusive call
bundles, and UK based provisioning and support.

How It Works

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