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See all the available Omni3 services in communication and intelligent solutions. We strive to provide solutions that deliver on an exceptional level for your business, customers and partners. Creating a new standard for the world of communication and networking.

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Broadband & Internet

Our expert team create a tailored connectivity service for your organisation, which means our support team and resources are always going to be accessible to you. With networks becoming faster than ever before, your organisation will need its own high quality system to adapt to changing customer demands efficiently.

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A modern IP CCTV system bridges the gap between having the most modern and flexible solution but maintains an affordable price. Utilising wireless technology to transmit both video and audio data, the data can then be viewed remotely on any device and grants a greater level of convenience to your business.

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In the age of digital communication, a modern business will likely have employees all across the world. Because of this the vital channel of communication needs to run on a flawless level. Using video communication grants everyone the opportunity to talk as if they are in the same room!

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Data has always been at the core of every business; having control, access and security around that data has become paramount for any modern business. Using the Omni3 cloud system, you will have full access to your customer and business data while it stays secure and safe on a cloud storage server.

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Thermal Screening

Security and health have always been two concerns for any business, so utilise the state of the art technology of a thermal detection system. An incredibly effective way of identifying signs of fevers or serious illnesses, thermal detection systems could be the health and security solution for your business.

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VOIP Phone Systems

A hosted VOIP phone system could be saving you a small fortune and be a more flexible solution. Integrating with your office and mobile devices, it brings you all the features of a traditional phone system while having the potential of providing a low-cost alternative.

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