Communication Solutions Brighton

Omni3 Communication’s services and innovative technologies combine flexible solutions with great value. Businesses in Brighton can benefit from our intelligent communication services to improve the services they provide to their customers and clients.

Businesses in Brighton

The city of Brighton may be well-known as a tourist destination, but it’s also a thriving business hub, with various growing sectors. It’s leading the way in terms of financial and professional services, advanced engineering, health and life sciences, and digital enterprises. Brighton Chamber of Commerce is a thriving membership organisation offering support for businesses of all sizes and has members from a host of different sectors and industries. Several global and national brands are based here, including American Express, The Student Room and Paxton Access, as well as a host of independent businesses.

Brighton serves as an ideal business location as a result of its great networking opportunities, transport connections and close proximity to London, Gatwick and the rest of the south coast. Firms operating out of Brighton experience significant advantages as a result of the thriving and diverse economy. What’s more, as a university city, it offers businesses access to rising graduate talent too. There are several networking groups based in Brighton, including Brighton Farm, Crunch Chorus meet-ups and opportunities with the Sussex Innovation Centre.


Broadband and Internet

With fewer borders between data and increasing pressure on businesses to find new ways to communicate and work, there’s never been more importance placed on high-speed connectivity. We have a strong portfolio of networking solutions and can create a tailored connectivity service for businesses in Brighton to help them adapt to ever-changing customer demands more efficiently.


With our IP CCTV recording equipment, Brighton businesses can either start from scratch with a new system or build on the security set-up they currently have – whatever your requirements, we can help you find a personalised solution. IP CCTV provides excellent clarity and resolution that is more than five times that of analogue equipment, for crystal clear viewing and no risk of the quality deteriorating, no matter how often the footage is watched.


Customers and colleagues no longer expect to be able to speak to businesses but also see them, so it’s vital that video tools are used for truly effective collaboration. Our high-quality video software brings your physical and digital workspaces together for complete alignment and seamless working. With our technological tools, you can manage and optimise your collaborative spaces more efficiently.


Data is at the heart of any business, regardless of the industry, so it’s vital that businesses have complete control and accessibility to the information they need. Our cloud and service management platform provide end-to-end data centre solutions that can be used to great effect by both emerging and established markets. With excellent visibility and control, you don’t need to worry about internal hardware or struggling to collaborate on documents. Cloud software will elevate your business processes and reduce IT staffing costs at the same time.

Thermal Screening

Thermal screening equipment offers numerous benefits to businesses, helping staff to identify signs of illness, such as elevated temperature, quickly and effectively. With this state-of-the-art equipment, you can protect the reputation of your business and keep staff and visitors protected.

VOIP Phone Systems

So many businesses are still trying to operate with expensive telephone systems that don’t deliver the level of flexibility or features required. A hosted VOIP solution is a cloud-based system that routes your calls via an internet connection and integrates your office and mobile devices. With a VOIP system, you will not only benefit from improved features, but you’ll also save money each month.