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Easing Your Transition
to Cloud

We built our Cloud and Service Management platform, with your business in mind, giving you the unprecedented visibility and control that keeps you at the centre of the cloud ecosystem. Our robust portfolio of top global and cloud vendors, pre-configured cloud solutions and complementary technical services, enables you to offer best-in-class cloud solutions.

We also help you easily transition from a CapEx to an OpEx financing model, empowering you to build and grow a thriving cloud business.

Data Centre

Information is everywhere.

How are you going to help your customers manage it all? That’s why you need Omni3 on your side.
Through our unique network, we offer compelling end-to-end data centre solutions for established and emerging markets.

We offer a portfolio of traditional and cloud data centre solutions, including server, network and storage consolidation, desktop virtualisation and virtualised unified communications solutions that enable you to advance information management on a global scale.

The Omni3 Data Center team extends your expertise and reach with business-extending life cycle and professional services, and future-forward enablement tools that complement your current capabilities and help you successfully navigate global opportunities.

Throughout Omni3, we are dedicated to ensuring you remain at the centre of our success.