Business Telecoms Guildford

Omni3 Communications deliver a range of services to enable businesses in Guildford to work more efficiently. We offer innovative technologies, consistent and flexible service, and great value to businesses of all different sizes and in a host of sectors in the Guildford area.

Businesses in Guildford

Sitting half-way between London and Portsmouth, Guildford offers a great base to a number of the south-east’s major towns and cities. It’s undergone extensive development over recent years and is now a popular choice for businesses. There are several major brands based in Guildford, including Phillips Electronics, Allianz, Ericsson and Colgate-Palmolive. The town is well-known for video game production as well as vehicle manufacturing and electrical businesses. Guildford offers quick access to rail and motorway networks and boasts a large business park in the centre of the town that’s perfectly situated for modern, connected businesses. What’s more, the University of Surrey provides Guildford with a talented workforce in the form of local graduates.


Broadband and Internet

Flexible, scalable and reliable, our broadband and internet services can be tailored to meet the specific demands of your business. A fast and secure internet connection is critical in today’s digital world and in order for businesses in Guildford to meet the demands of customers and suppliers, it’s vital that they have a high-quality system in place. Whatever sector you work in, our team can create a solution that is cost-effective and grows with your existing network environment.


IP CCTV services utilise wireless technology to transmit audio and video data seamlessly, so you can monitor your premises remotely from anywhere in the world. These centralised systems provide valuable savings in both staffing and equipment costs and also deliver enhanced data storage and security. IP CCTV services also allow you to receive automated notifications in real time, for an improved response to any unusual activity so you can keep your business protected at all times.


Digital communication is at the core of any modern business and companies need to be able to rely on their channels of communication. Video software is key to enable you to liaise with your customers, suppliers and staff from anywhere in the world, without the worry that the level of collaboration will suffer. With our high-quality software, you can communicate with the same adeptness as if you were meeting in the same room but with far more convenience and flexibility.


Cloud software provides full accessibility to customer and business data, without security risks. With remote working part of so many business’ working practices, it’s vital that data is safe and protected, yet still accessible. Cloud software is the solution that enables you to meet the needs of your business with innovative technology.

Thermal Screening

Businesses in Guildford have a responsibility to protect their staff and customers at all times. With our effective thermal detection equipment, preventing the spread of disease and viruses is easier than ever – this system provides a quick and easy way of identifying signs of illness in the form of elevated temperature, so you can keep visitors protected.

VOIP Phone Systems

Hosted VOIP systems can save businesses money while also delivering a flexible solution when compared to standard phone systems. These systems are integrated with office and mobile devices and offer a low-cost alternative to a standard system by bringing voice, messaging and live chat together in one handy solution. So, whether you’re working from your Guildford premises or carrying out tasks remotely, you and your staff can work to the same high standard with seamless functionality.