Business Communications Crawley

In an increasingly digital world, our intelligent communication services deliver fantastic service to businesses in Crawley. Blending innovative technologies with great value, we take pride in delivering a consistent and flexible service to our customers.

Businesses in Crawley

With connections to London and the South East, Crawley is in a prime location for businesses and has risen in popularity over recent years as a prominent region that can provide significant business growth. It boasts a strategic location at the centre of the Gatwick Diamond, making it desirable real estate for companies in a host of sectors. In fact, this area is one of the UK’s largest employment hubs, with thousands of employees and commuters based here.

Crawley has several business parks, including Copthorne Business Park, the Manor Royal District and Sterling Park, located just outside the Gatwick area. Businesses in this region not only benefit from excellent networking opportunities as a result of the numerous business groups based here, but also from excellent transport connections that allow companies to grow and expand. There are several household names based in Crawley, including Siemens Healthcare, Virgin Holidays, Thales, Nestle and TUI Travel, among many others, as well as Crawley Borough Council which offers more than 650 jobs across the area in various sectors.


Broadband and Internet

Fast, reliable internet is at the core of any successful business in today’s digital landscape. Crawley’s businesses require a high-quality system in order to meet the evolving demands of customers, clients and suppliers. Our team can create a personalised connectivity service that suits the needs of your organisation, whatever sector you work in.


IP CCTV systems close the gap between affordability and functionality, using wireless technology to deliver audio and video data to any device remotely for greater convenience. Wherever you are in the world, you can monitor your Crawley premises and rest assured that your business is protected, while also saving you money on equipment and staffing costs.


Digital communication is key to any modern business, so it’s vital that your business can operate on a faultless level to maintain these channels of communication. Video software allows you to liaise with customers or staff from anywhere in the world with the same efficiency and adeptness as if you were meeting in the same room, allowing you to build and maintain stronger relationships.


The omni3 Cloud System delivers full access to customer and business data, while still protecting sensitive information on a secure server. Now more than ever, with remote working on the rise, it’s critical that companies can access data remotely while still benefiting from high security and protection. Cloud software is the way to balance the needs of your business with modern solutions, so you never have to worry about not having access to the information again.

Thermal Screening

Businesses in Crawley can utilise thermal screening in order to protect the health and well-being of staff, clients and customers alike. Our state-of-the-art thermal detection equipment delivers a highly effective way of identifying signs of illness, enabling businesses to protect their reputation and the health of visitors with ease and accuracy.

VOIP Phone Systems

Hosted VOIP systems can save businesses money while also providing a more flexible solution when compared to a traditional phone system. Integrated with office and mobile devices, our low-cost alternative to a standard system brings voice, messaging and live chat together in one handy solution. This means that whether you’re working from your Crawley premises or the other side of the world, your staff can benefit from the same seamless functionality.