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Omni3 is redefining specialist unified communications and networking. Get in touch with the Omni3 team for your communications and networking needs.

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Omni3 Communications

Working across the United Kingdom, we have created a platform to deliver a consistent, high value, service-led and solution rich proposition ready for the new world of technology.

This allows client communities access to exceptional business support that enables new standards of service delivery.

Omni3 was born from a traditional telephony specialist; a Unified Communications integrator for the UK business market.

Omni3 have proven experience in providing innovative technology solutions from world-class vendors, delivering exceptional productivity and growth.

Omni3 is your pathfinder to innovative technology solutions that genuinely deliver!

Our Vision

Omni3 redefines Unified Communications.

We provide intelligent services and solutions to deliver exceptional business value to customers, enabling a new standard of service delivery.

Our Mission

Omni3 provides a complete range of best-in-class technologies and products to enable our customers to enjoy business solutions that are second to none. Omni3 is the go-to company providing the highest level of services, communication and efficiency.

This common proposition will be delivered with consistent execution across the UK. Omni3 do business with integrity and trustworthiness earning us the respect to make us the go-to company for Unified Communication and Networking expertise. We employ the best people, empowered to do their jobs and with a deep knowledge of our products, vendors and solution technologies.

Our Values

  •    Innovation

We’re ahead of the curve, nurturing new technologies and seeking better ways to do business.

  •    Consistent

We deliver a consistent, reliable and high-quality level of service across all our operations.

  •    Adaptable

We know our customers well and are adaptable to meet their individual needs.

  •    Deep knowledge

Our knowledge spreads wide and runs deep. We understand the detail so that we can educate and inform.

Smart Monitoring and Assurance

Our network and equipment monitoring software is second to none.

Our 24/7 365 Network operations centre more often than not finds, diagnoses and resolves network and hardware issues before our clients are even aware that a problem exists.

Using algorithms and AI technology our software looks for scenarios that may well turn into a problem and - using self-healing technology - will resolve them.

Partnered with our smart monitoring platforms the smart assurance teams are given the best tools in the industry to be able to diagnose and resolve problems quickly and effectively with a level of communication never seen before in this industry.

We aim to resolve 99% of problems within the Service level agreements agreed with our clients.

Smart Delivery

Service defined solutions that genuinely deliver.

It’s time for Telecommunications to change. We usher in a new era of value and service for our business customers.

Using direct connections into our suppliers and high levels of robotics into the networks our service delivery teams are updated with the latest developments on all orders

We truly believe the communication between our delivery teams and our clients is second to none. Updates and requests can be sent via our tracking App, by text, email or even a good old-fashioned phone call!

Consistent, high value, service-led and solution-rich propositions with Omni3 Communications.

The Power of Partnership

Around the United Kingdom, Omni3 enables our customers to harness the evolution of technology. By collaborating with our vendors and customers in a unique engagement model, we’re revolutionizing the way to do business by delivering results.

See your business travel expenses slashed and productivity and time management improve drastically.